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FSWD formation sampling-while-drilling service is the only technology that provides representative fluid sampling, in situ downhole fluid analysis, and high-quality formation pressure measurements all while drilling—so you can make better steering decisions and optimize reservoir productivity.

“The FSWD service will soon give us the possibility to perform a complete formation evaluation in a single run, while also reducing acquisition time and rig cost.”

Gian Luca Atzeni
Operations Geology Manager, Eni

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Questions and Answers

How is fluid mapping while drilling similar to conventional sampling?
How can mapping fluid assist with wireline sampling runs?
Sampling or fluid mapping while drilling?
Are all fluid samples the same?

Case Studies

Formation Sampling-While-Drilling Service Saves Hess 3 Days Offshore Malaysia

Operator reduces risk and optimizes logging program with while-drilling formation pressure and fluid analysis in highly deviated wellbore

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Eni Receives Industry-First, While-Drilling Analysis of Individual Hydrocarbons

PVT lab testing validates results of fluid-profiling method in Gulf of Mexico

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Technical Papers

Consistently acquire reservoir-representative fluid samples during drilling operations

Sampling While Drilling: An Emerging Technology

Even though it is the early days of the realization of sampling while-drilling (SWD) as a service, a picture of what might be achievable in practice is beginning to emerge.

Read the full paperSPE 159503

Sampling technologies withstand and operate under rigorous drilling conditions

Characterization of Sampling While Drilling Operations

The while-drilling environment poses several potential challenges to acquiring representative formation-fluid samples; in particular, sampling times are expected to be restricted (perhaps severely) and dynamic filtration conditions are expected to predominate.

Read the full paperSPE 128249